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film development

Development: Overview

The dream of making a film begins with the development process. An idea for a film sparks the process, usually, this idea comes from a writer but it can often come from a director or a producer, in t

production types

Types of Film Production

No two films are exactly alike and likewise, no two film productions are exactly the same either. That said, for the purposes of this guide we can break down production types into four broad categori

feature vs short

Feature Film vs Short Film

For most people, when they think about what a movie is, they imagine a feature-length film. These are the movies that play in theaters and generally have budgets in the tens (or hundreds) of millions

getting started filmmaking

Filmmaking 101: Getting Started

There are many different ways to make a film, and no single approach is right for every project. However, there are some basic principles that all filmmakers should be familiar with. This handbook is