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Screenwriter Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Every Budget [2023]

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Looking for the best gift to get the screenwriter in your life? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have scoured the Internet and found some of the most useful and impressive gifts that any writer would love to receive. These are great gifts if you want to show a friend or loved one how much you support their passion for writing.

Whether you are looking for a gift that will help them with their current screenplay or one to motivate them when they’re feeling discouraged, we have you covered. These gifts are perfect for writers of all levels, from those just starting out to seasoned pros.

We also have a curated gift guide for filmmakers with gift ideas for directors and all other filmmakers.

Software to help with writing and formatting scripts

There are also various software programs available that can help with the process of writing a script. Whether you’re looking for assistance with formatting, story development, or collaboration tools, there is likely a program out there that can help make your screenwriting process more efficient and streamlined.

Screenwriting Software

One great gift is screenwriting software. Several options are available, and most of them have great features that can make the writing process easier. Some online tools even let you collaborate with other screenwriters, giving you the chance to get feedback on your work and learn from others.

Arc Studio Pro

PRICE: Free to get started | Paid options starting at $69 per year

Our first choice is Arc Studio Pro, which offers a range of powerful tools to help you write and format scripts. Its modern, intuitive layout makes it easy to use, and it also includes various collaboration features that can be useful for teams or writers looking for feedback on their work.

Read our detailed review of Arc Studio Pro

movie magic screenwriter logo

PRICE: Starting at $249

One of the oldest and most trusted options is Movie Magic Screenwriter, which offers powerful tools for writing and formatting scripts.

Final Draft

PRICE: Starting at $249.99

One of the most popular screenwriting programs is Final Draft, which can help you format your work and ensure that it’s properly structured for a screenplay. It also provides various editing tools to make sure your script is high quality, from spell-checking to word count tracking and auto-pagination.

WriterDuet logo

PRICE: Free to get started | Paid options start at $9.99 a month

Another great software option is WriterDuet. This online program offers a range of features to help with the writing and formatting process, including real-time collaboration tools that let you work with others on your script. Whether you’re working on a screenplay as part of a team or just want to get feedback from other writers, WriterDuet is an excellent choice that can make your screenwriting process easier and more efficient.

Fade In logo

PRICE: Starting at $99.95

Fade In offers a range of features to help with writing, editing, and formatting your script, including various templates that can make it easier to get started. It also supports real-time collaboration with other writers.

Story Development Software

Dramatica Pro Box

PRICE: About $129

Dramatica Pro software is your creative writing partner, empowering you to craft compelling characters and plan plotlines from start to finish. Say goodbye to writer’s block with the exclusive story development software.

Fade In logo

PRICE: About $60

Writer’s DreamKit, the beginner’s version of Dramatica Pro, offers a complete step-by-step fiction writing system designed for the aspiring writer.

Fade In logo

PRICE: About $199

Dramatica Story Expert is based on the Dramatica story development system and is available for Mac users. It has powerful new writing tools for both aspiring writers and established professionals.

Transcription Software

Without a doubt, your writer friend or loved one spends a lot of time at the keyboard, and this can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury. If this is the case, transcription software might be the perfect gift.

Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional

PRICE: Starting at $500

Dragon Professional transcription software is a powerful and reliable tool that can help screenwriters quickly and accurately transcribe audio files into text. It is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so even beginners can use it without any trouble. The only downside is that it is Windows-only software.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere

PRICE: Starting at $150

Dragon Anywhere is a professional-grade education service available for mobile devices. If you’re not a Windows user and therefore can’t make use of Dragon Professional, then this might be the best option for you.

Scriptwriting tools and accessories

There are many different tools and accessories that can be a useful gift for screenwriter friends, ranging from software that helps with script formatting to pens, notebooks, and other writing implements that help make the writing process more efficient.

Premium Keyboards

A quality keyboard is an essential tool for any screenwriter, as this is where they likely spend most of their time. With a good quality keyboard, screenwriters can type more accurately and faster, which allows them to capture their ideas more quickly in order to develop them further. In addition, a good keyboard can also make the act of typing a more pleasurable experience, making the physical action of writing fun and something inviting.

Mechanical Keyboards

Das 6 Pro keyboard

PRICE: Starting at $199

Das Keyboard 6 Professional is a sleek, high-performance keyboard for the modern writer. Constructed with premium materials, this keyboard ensures an exceptional typing experience. Featuring backlit keys for easy visibility anytime and effortlessly control volume with an oversized knob.

WASD Keyboard Example

PRICE: Starting at $175

Another of our favorite makers of mechanical keyboards is WASD Keyboards. They offer fully customizable keyboard options that are sturdy and dependable and feature premium key switches that are a pleasure to use.

Wireless keyboards

If you’re looking for a keyboard that is easy to carry around and still provides an improved typing experience, then a premium wireless keyboard might be the perfect gift.

Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard

PRICE: Starting at about $99

The Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard is a small but powerful option. is the best wireless keyboard we have used. It offers backlit keys and an exceptional typing experience.

Logitech MX Keys Full Size Keyboard

PRICE: Starting at about $119

The Logitech MX Keys full-size keyboard is the best wireless keyboard we have used. It offers backlit keys and an exceptional typing experience.

Logitech MX Keys

PRICE: Starting at about $149

Mechanical keyboards are generally not wireless or portable, but the Logitech MX Mechanical is a welcomed exception.


Headphones can be a great gift for writers because they can help to block out outside noise and distractions while writing. This is especially important when working on the more analytical aspects of screenwriting, such as outlining or editing.

Apple AirPods

PRICE: $129 – $549

Our top pick for wireless headphones would have to be Apple AirPods. Whether you go with the AirPods, the AirPods Pro, or the AirPods Max, they are all solid options that work seamlessly with Apple products.

Bose QuietComfort

PRICE: Starting at about $249

If your screenwriter isn’t an Apple user, you might prefer to go for an equally valid option such as the Bose QuietComfort.

Notebooks / Journals / Pens

Some writers prefer to keep a physical writing journal, and if that describes the writer in your life, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality notebook and pen. Of course, there are countless different brands available, each with its own features and benefits.

Field Notes

PRICE: Starting at $14.95 | $120 for a subscription

Our favorite line of pocket-sized notebooks is Field Notes. Their notebooks come in a variety of colors and themes. One of the best options they offer is an annual subscription, which includes quarterly deliveries of packs of notes. Each quarter introduces a brand new theme and color scheme. Often times these are limited-edition collector items that cannot be purchased individually.

If a subscription is out of your budget, we’d recommend the Expedition 3-pack as a lower-cost option. The Expedition notebooks are waterproof and virtually indestructible; we love them!

Coffee / Tea

If there’s one thing that all writers need, it’s a good cup of coffee or hot tea. A good warm drink is a part of many writers’ routines and can give you the energy and focus you need to get in the zone. A nice gift idea is a subscription to an online coffee service, which will allow your loved one to get their favorite brew delivered straight to their door. This is a great way for them to make sure they always have the coffee that works best for their writing needs.

Coffee Subscription

Driftaway Coffee

PRICE: Starting at $36

KOA Coffee offers award-winning hand-picked Kona Coffee via single purchase or subscription. They have multiple options for grind type, roast, and bean so that your order can be tailored to suit any need. To set up a subscription, just tick the box for “My Daily Aloha” when adding an item to your cart, and you can have deliveries scheduled as frequently as you like.

Insulated Coffee Mug

Corkcicle Mug

PRICE: Starting at about $25

What’s worse than a hot drink that has gone cold? That makes for an unpleasant and even distracting experience when trying to focus on writing.

A great gift idea is an insulated coffee mug that will keep your loved one’s drink nice and warm throughout the day and night. This way, they can sip on the perfect temperature while they write, making for an enjoyable and productive experience. Our personal favorites are the Corkcicle brand of drinkware, and another solid choice is the Yeti Rambler.

Books on screenwriting and storytelling

Stack of books

There are also many books and publications available that cover all aspects of writing for the screen, from the basics of formatting to more advanced topics like character development or conflict resolution.

Screenwriting Books

Screenwriting books make excellent gifts for aspiring writers or professional screenwriters. Whether they’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the craft, advice on story structure and character development, or inspiration for their next big project, there are countless great books out there that can help them hone their skills.

Here are some of our favorite books that we would recommend:

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee

by Robert McKee

Robert McKee’s book Story is one of the all-time essentials for any aspiring writer. It explores the fundamentals of story structure and provides invaluable insight into creating engaging stories with memorable characters. Spanning over 400 pages and chock full of examples from modern classic films.

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee


by Syd Field

Screenplay by Syd Field is a groundbreaking book in the industry of scriptwriting. It provides a comprehensive look at what it takes to craft an effective screenplay, guiding aspiring screenwriters through the basics of building story and characters, plus the technical aspects of formatting, writing style, and other essentials.

It allows readers to transform their ideas into workable shots and scenes and feel confident with producing a professional script.

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee

by David Trottier

“The Screenwriter’s Bible” by David Trottier is an invaluable resource for aspiring screenwriters. Creating a screenplay takes knowledge of formats, structure, and conventions – all of which are discussed in depth in this book. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned writer, “The Screenwriter’s Bible” is an essential companion and valuable reference for all things relating to formatting.

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee

by Blake Snyder

Save the Cat, written by Blake Snyder, is a popular guide to screenwriting and developing stories. Written in Snyder’s signature down-to-earth style, this book demystifies the screenwriting process by breaking down the core tenants of successful movies. Save the Cat dives into topics such as beats and structure with examples to help readers understand concepts quickly. Readers will come away from this book inspired to keep their stories fresh and captivating for audiences.

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee

by Blake Snyder

Save the Cat Goes to the Movies by Blake Snyder is a follow-up in the wake of the success of Save the Cat. This in-depth look at the structures, tropes, and themes found in cinema by examining many of the famous films throughout film history. He provides several examples from each of his previously defined genres to give the reader real-life tangible models to reference and better illustrate the Save the Cat system.

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee

by Linda Seger

“Making a Good Script Great” by Linda Seger is a guide for screenwriters and filmmakers on how to take their script to the next level and make it stand out. The book covers various elements of scriptwriting, including structure, character development, theme, dialogue, and pacing.

Seger offers practical tips and exercises to help writers improve their scripts and make them more engaging and compelling for audiences. She emphasizes the importance of taking a critical and analytical approach to scriptwriting and encourages writers to think beyond the conventions of the genre to create something truly unique and memorable.

The cover of the book "Story" by Robert McKee

by Anne Lamott

“Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott is a must-read guide to the creative life. Through her personal stories, Lamott provides powerful insight into finding comfort and joy in the writing process. She shares candid thoughts and advice on how to bravely move forward with creativity even when faced with perfectionism, self-doubt, and other obstacles.

Lamott encourages readers to accept their own imperfections and learn from life’s disappointments in order to create genuine and meaningful work. With its message of hope, this book serves as an invaluable companion for anyone struggling to live an authentic life grounded in artistic expression.

Screenwriting Magazines

Another source of gifts for script writers is a subscription to one of the remaining screenwriting magazines in publication. The best place to look is to visit a local Barnes and Noble to see what they might have on hand. These publications feature articles that cover all aspects of the craft, from writing tips and tricks to industry news and interviews with famous writers.

Gifts that inspire and motivate writers

Gifting items that inspire and motivate writers is a great way to help them reach their full potential. Whether it’s a journal filled with inspiring prompts or an item that will remind them of why they love writing, having something special to look forward to can make all the difference in staying motivated.

Writer Emergency Pack

PRICE: about $15

The Writer Emergency Pack is a wonderful little tool that any writer would welcome in their arsenal. This deck of cards features prompts and exercises that can help jumpstart their creative process, whether they are dealing with writer’s block or just need a little inspiration.

Writer Emergency Pack

PRICE: starting at $12.95

The Save the Cat Story Cards are color-coded decks of cards that help you outline your story by prompting you to complete each card with the details of your particular story. Two types of cards are available: “Beat Cards” and “Scene Cards,” each offering a slightly different approach to the outline process.

The Storymatic Classic

The Storymatic Classic

PRICE: Starting at about $25

Another great gift for writers is the Storymatic Classic. This deck of cards includes over 400 story prompts and random words to inspire creativity and help you come up with new ideas. The cards allow you to generate random plots, characters, and twists — perfect for helping push your writing in a new direction.

Scriptnotes Logo

PRICE: Starting at $4.99 per month

Scriptnotes is a podcast hosted by John August and Craig Mazin, two award-winning screenwriters who share their tips and advice on the craft of screenwriting. The podcast covers topics ranging from the basics of outlining to more advanced skills like dialogue and formatting. Whether you are new to writing or a seasoned pro, Scriptnotes is a great source of knowledge for all writers at any stage.

The podcast is available for free on virtually all podcasting platforms. However, in order to access the years of evergreen back-catalog episodes, a Scriptnotes Premium subscription is necessary. At about five dollars a month, the premium option is worth its weight in gold.

Online Training / Tutorials

Another great gift idea for screenwriters is training or tutorials. Whether you get them a membership to an online screenwriting course, a book on writing theory, or an in-person class, these gifts are invaluable resources that can help your loved one hone their craft and become the best writer they can be.

MasterClass Logo Charcoal PNG


PRICE: Starting at about $180 per year

Masterclass is one of the best resources on the internet for creatives in general. For screenwriters, in particular, there are a number of “masterclasses” taught by award-winning writers such as Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, and David Lynch, just to name a few.

What makes a great gift for a screenwriter?

There are many different factors that can make a gift for a screenwriter great. For one, it should be well-suited to their specific needs and tastes as a writer. Some writers might prefer to choose their own books and educational materials but welcome the unexpected gift they didn’t know existed.

Something important to keep in mind is that a gift for a screenwriter does not need to include the word screenwriter or screenwriting printed on it.

What you won’t find on our list is a bunch of novelty t-shirts and silly coffee mugs with “clever” slogans printed on them. We’ve never met a writer who truly loves or needs that sort of gift – unless, of course, it’s coming from their child.

Finally, gifts that are unique and unexpected can be especially appreciated by screenwriters. This could include creative items like custom screenwriting notebooks or special event tickets, or it could be something as simple as getting them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Unique and unexpected gifts for screenwriters

Unique and unexpected gifts for screenwriters can be found in many places. From subscription boxes to curated gift sets, there is something out there to surprise and delight any screenwriter in your life.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Writer’s Retreat

If you have the budget, another fantastic gift idea is a writer’s retreat. These types of vacations provide a chance to escape from everyday life and focus solely on your writing. You can spend your days holed up in a cozy cabin, campground, or hotel room with nothing to distract you from your work. Many retreats even offer workshops, seminars, and other activities to help you hone your craft.

Screenwriting conference or workshop

A ticket to a local screenwriting conference or workshop, such as the Nantucket Film Festival or the Austin Film Festival. These events are great gifts for screenplay writers, that provide the opportunity to learn from industry experts in person, explore new ideas, network, and meet other writers in their area. Whether it’s a conference or a workshop, these events are sure to energize and inspire your loved one.

Typewriter Keyboard

If the screenwriter in your life loves all things old-fashioned, you might consider a typewriter keyboard for their computer. With a retro look and design, this keyboard will transform any writing session into an old-school typing experience. It’s sure to take them back to simpler times and help them tap into their creative side.

Best Free Gift Ideas for Screenwriters

This list offers several gifts for every budget, but if you’re in need of completely free options, here are some nice gift ideas to start with without any expense.

UCLA Extension Writer’s Program

This fantastic free giveaway originates from an effort to support the UCLA Extension Writers’ program to help with COVID-19 anxieties.

Give the Gift of Time

If you don’t have the budget for a writer’s retreat, you can get creative. How can you give the screenwriter in your life some time off, a stay-cation? Are they a parent that could benefit from some time away from the kids? What about preparing meals or taking care of other chores?

You can create a set of vouchers to allow the screenwriter to cash in those vouchers when they need to focus and get some work done.

Scripnotes Podcast

While Scripnotes Premium is a paid service to access the entire back catalog of episodes, the new and current episodes of Scripnotes are completely free and every bit as valuable.

Arc Studio Pro Free Version

Arc Studio Pro screenwriting software is a fantastic software resource for screenwriters of all levels. With tons of features and capabilities, this software can help you write, edit, and format your scripts with ease.

The free version of Arc Studio Pro is a great place for your writer to get started working with dedicated screenwriting software. This will give them access to all the basic features, including a suite of writing tools, document management capabilities, and spell and grammar checkers.

Wrapping Up

Whatever gift you choose, just remember that writers need encouragement and support in order to achieve their goals. By choosing one of the movie script gifts listed above, you can show your loved one that you are invested in their success and want to help them along their writing journey.

What do you think? Have we missed any of the best holiday gifts for screenwriters? If so, reach out to us on social media!

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