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The Future of Screenwriting: An In-Depth Review of Arc Studio Pro

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Arc Studio Pro is a newer entry into the screenwriting software space, but don’t let its age fool you; it is packed with features and a legitimate professional screenwriting tool.

In this in-depth review of Arc Studio Pro, we will take a closer look at how the software can revolutionize your screenwriting process and make it simpler than ever before.

Best of all, Arc Studio Pro is free to use for up to two scripts, so there’s no reason not to create a free account and give it a try today.

What is Arc Studio Pro?

Arc Studio Pro is a modern screenwriting software that is available for desktop, iOS, and via web browser. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it easy for writers to focus on their craft. It also offers a variety of formatting options, including industry-standard screenplay formats. One of its key features is the ability to collaborate with other writers in real time, making it a great option for writers working on projects as a team.

Screenplay Formatting and Other Necessary Features

There are a few basic elements that every screenwriting program needs to fulfill. The first baseline test of any screenwriting software is to determine if it can produce a properly formatted script. Without this simple functionality, all of the other features are rendered useless.

Industry Standard Formatting

For a spec script to be accepted by production houses and industry professionals, it must follow standard formatting conventions. Arc Studio Labs understands this critical aspect of screenwriting and provides an automatic formatting feature so that you can focus on the writing process and not the technical format.

Not only does Arc Studio Pro come preloaded with the industry standard formatting of margins, etc., but it also offers a robust formatting options menu where you can customize every aspect of your screenplay and save those settings as a new template.

So, for example, if you are working with a production company or studio that utilizes a screenplay format that is different from the industry standard, you’d have no problem adjusting your script to fit their dimensions and can choose to work with that format whenever necessary.

Import and Export Options

It’s always a problem when a piece of software can’t play nice with others. This is not the case with Arc Studio Pro.

It has easy export options to PDF, Fountain, and Final Draft file formats.

Cross Platform Compatability

Arc Studio Pro is available in many forms for your desktop (Windows or Mac), and for iOS and can also run directly in your browser.

Overview of Features – What can you do with Arc Studio Pro?

Real-Time Collaboration

  • Two or more writers can work on the same document at the same time

Digital Whiteboard

  • A digital beat board
  • Drag and drop beat-cards
  • Predefined story structures to choose from
  • Supports custom templates

Desktop, iOS, and Web App

Arc Studio Pro is available for desktop (Mac and Windows), iOS, and via web browser.

Automated Backups

  • Local backups for the desktop app
  • Option for cloud backups to Google Drive.

Revision History

Access to a rich history of all the edits and changes made to your script

Imports & Exports

  • Import support for FDX (Final Draft), Fountain, PDF, and Word
  • Export support for FDX, Fountain, and PDF

Writing Schedule & Reminders

In your account, you can easily define which days of the week you intend to write and then have Arc Studio Pro send you email reminders as well as a daily email informing you of your progress.


There are options to turn on or off notifications when someone leaves a comment on a script you are working on.


  • Two-factor authentication

Clean and customizable interface

  • Night mode (can be set to switch automatically)
  • Options for color-coding characters
  • Various other tweaks for productivity


Arc Studio Pro is available at three price tiers. All three plans give you access to the browser app, automatic backups, comments, file exports, and app upgrades.

Free Plan

  • You get up to 2 scripts
  • PDF export is watermarked

Essentials Plan

  • $69 per year
  • Unlimited number of scripts
  • Desktop and iOS apps

Pro Plan

  • $99 per year
  • Unlimited number of scripts
  • Desktop and iOS apps
  • Collaboration tools
  • Outlining tools
  • Revision history
  • and more features

Students can get $70 off the Pro plan by signing up with an .edu email address.

The full pricing details with a comparison table are available here.

Exploring the Digital Whiteboard Feature

The digital whiteboard feature in Arc Studio Pro can be a powerful and engaging tool for organizing your stories. This feature utilizes a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets writers quickly outline and manage their story, plot, and characters.

By simply dragging and dropping beat cards onto the digital whiteboard, a writer can easily create a visually engaging overview without needing to resort to 3rd party apps.

Additionally, the digital whiteboard features an array of customizable options, allowing writers to tailor their stories according to their preferences. For example, writers can choose from predefined structures, such as the classic three-act structure, or even more modern interpretations, such as the Save The Cat breakdown formula.

All of this makes it much easier for writers to arrange their ideas and storylines.

Arc Studio Pro vs. Other Screenwriting Software

Arc Studio Pro is a great tool for screenwriting and story development, but it comes with competition. The existence of other popular screenwriting software, such as Final Draft, means that the modern screenwriter has plenty of options.

What sets Arc Studio Pro apart is its real-time collaboration capabilities, digital whiteboard story planning, writing schedule and reminders, notifications, and security options. These are all features that make it easier to work with others on a project, as well as keeping you organized and your data secure.

Additionally, Arc Studio Pro is priced at an affordable rate and comes with a free plan option that’s great for those just getting started with screenwriting.

Wrapping Up


Key Features:

  • Free for 2 screenplays
  • Proper Script Formatting
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Browser and OS options
  • Clean and modern UI

Arc Studio Pro is a terrific all-in-one screenwriting app designed to make the lives of screenwriters, filmmakers, and other creative professionals easier. It has become a popular choice because of its comprehensive suite of features that make the process of writing, designing, and producing a film more efficient.

At its core, Arc Studio Pro offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for writers to create professionally formatted scripts quickly. With a fully featured digital whiteboard panel, writers can save time by easily outlining the story beats and can save those structures as custom templates for future use.

In addition to these features, Arc Studio Pro also provides writers with powerful real-time collaboration tools. This allows writing teams to work on scripts together in person or remotely with the ability to track changes and easily make revisions. It also allows for feedback from non-writers such as directors or producers.

Overall, Arc Studio Pro is the ideal tool for screenwriters and filmmakers looking for a streamlined workflow that eliminates distractions and ensures projects are completed on time without sacrificing quality. From its robust professional formatting capabilities to its organizational tools – Arc Studio Pro is truly the ultimate solution for professional creatives seeking to bring their stories to life.


Is Arc Studio Pro free?

Yes, there is a free version of Arc Studio Pro that allows for up to 2 scripts.

Is Arc Studio free forever?

Yes, the free plan is not time-limited. When you first create an account, you will get access to the Pro plan and its features for one week (7 days). When that expires, you will revert to the free plan.

Is Arc Studio Pro worth it?

Yes, considering there is a free option, most would agree that makes it worth it. Is it the right fit for you? We couldn’t say, but it never hurts to give it a chance and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Is Arc Studio Pro available on Windows?

Yes, Arc Studio Pro is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

Is Arc Studio Pro better than Final Draft?

That depends on the individual writer’s needs and tastes. Both options offer a very similar toolset with minor differences.

Do I need an internet connection to use Arc Studio Pro?

Yes and no. The app can be used offline for some tasks, such as writing and editing scripts, but you will need an internet connection to sync your changes or access web-based features such as real-time collaboration.

Does Arc Studio work offline?

Yes, some of the features and tools in Arc Studio Pro will work offline. However, internet access is required to sync your changes or access certain web-based features.

Do I need to install any software?

No, Arc Studio Pro can run entirely in your web browser. No software installation is required, but there are desktop and iOS apps as well if you prefer that option.

Is Arc Studio Pro an industry standard?

Arc Studio Pro is becoming a common choice for professional screenwriters and filmmakers. It’s fully capable of producing a script with industry-standard formatting.

Is there a mobile version of Arc Studio?

Yes, there is an iOS app that allows you to access your Arc Studio projects from

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